AC Motor Speed Control Pack-HC201/HC202

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    • Type:AC Motor

    Key Features

    ◆ Suitable for the speed control on mini AC induction motors.
    ◆ Small signal input (No relay or switch contact--No-Linkage required)
    ◆ No-linkage abrupt stop.
    ◆ No-linkage forward/reverse rotation.
    ◆ No-linkage speed shift internally and externally.
    ◆ Available used to braking motors.
    ◆ Available to make settings for slow start and slow stop modes and separately adjustable.
    ◆ Removable wiring terminal design with convenient for assembly or remove.
    ◆ The input terminal is designed with the photo couplers to avoid the disturbance caused by noise.
    ◆ LED display for various operating situations.
    ◆ Available for 6W~90W motor.