HANMARK 5 Phase Stepper Motor & Micro stepper Motor Driver_5 相步進馬達及驅動器
HANMARK 2 Phase Stepper Motor & Micro stepper Motor Driver_2 相步進馬達及驅動器
HANMARK AC Motor Controller_AC馬達速度控制器
HANMARK BLDC Motor_Driver_直流馬達及驅動器
HANMARK Parts feeder 振動盤變頻控制器

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AC motor braker HBN50 / HBR30
◆ Current capacity at 3A. ◆ High impact & intensive current output. ◆ Braking duration roughly rated 0.4 sec. ◆ Electronic braking systems to ensure less abrasion. It is the product with the most suitability for the applications with highly frequent braking motions on motors. ◆ If a
HUSP Series
1.Externally Exposed AC Motor Speed Controller with Fashionable Looks. 2.Standard Installation Dimension. 3.Capacitor 60W(inclusive)or below. 4.Customary Watt Capacity Available (90W (inclusive) below). 5.High Accessibility to Combine with AC Motors Made by Various Makers. 6.Fashionable Looks.
1.PWM Controllable, Smooth Speed & Low Acoustic Noise. 2.Both Available for Input Power 110V or 220V 300W Output. 3.Terminal Platform Design with High Wiring Convenience. 4.Time Adjustable Functions for Slow Acceleration (Acceleration) and Slow Deceleration (Deceleration) . 5.Fashionable Lo

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HANMARK are most famous stepping motor driver company and Top one in Taiwan, established.

HANMARK designs and manufactures high technology and quality stepping motor drivers, motor speed controllers and parts feeder. We have built the good quality and good reputation in the marketing field.

HANMARK have been devoting ourselves to the research, development-oriented, technology innovation and been constantly upgrading, Therefore, there is a complete product line.