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5 Phase Micro Stepping Motor Driver-MAC5518

Taiwan-based reliable manufacturers of 5 phase micro stepper motor driver. ◆ AC85V~265V power input.◆ Suitable for high-speed high torque applications.◆ Can select from 16 driving current adjustments, reaching highest reading of 1.4A per phase.◆ Resolution upto 125,000 step per revolution.◆ Motor

Brushless DC Motor (MBU Model)

◆ thin, lightweight. ◆ excellent speed stability. ◆ Speed control range 100-2000 r / min. ◆ easy connection and operation, external control.

MBR Model (DC Brushless Motor)

◆ High power is achieved with a thin body. ◆ Excellent speed stability. ◆ Speed control range of 100 to 4000 r/min. ◆ Compact yet powerful. ◆ Energy savings.

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HANMARK are most famous stepping motor driver company and Top one in Taiwan, established.

HANMARK designs and manufactures high technology and quality stepping motor drivers, motor speed controllers and parts feeder. We have built the good quality and good reputation in the marketing field.

HANMARK have been devoting ourselves to the research, development-oriented, technology innovation and been constantly upgrading, Therefore, there is a complete product line.