AC Motor Speed Control Pack-HB31-IN / HB32-IN

Model No.
HB31-IN / HB32-IN
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    • Type:AC Motor

    Key Features

    1.Current Availably Leveled at 3A .

    2.High Impact Resistance & Intensive Current Output.

    3.Braking Duration Roughly Rated 0.4 sec thereafter no leveled force happening to motors.

    4.Electronic Braking Systems to Ensure Less Abrasion but Elongated Service Expectancy.

    5.It is the product with the most suitability for the applications with highly frequent braking motions on motors.

    6.If Abrupt Stop Function is Used, the brake can entirely stop the motor within 0.1 sec.dry run

    7.High Accessibility to Combine with AC Motors Made by Various Makers.



    ☆ Power input: Single-phase (HB31-IN)AC 110V+/-10%50/60Hz /
                            Single-phase (HB32-IN)AC 220V+/-10%
    ☆ Current: Under 3.0A
    ☆ Brake time: Approx. 0.4 sec
    ☆ Ambient temperature:  0 ~ +40℃
    ☆ Ambient moisture: < 85% RH
    ☆ Dimension (mm): 50(L) x  40(W) x 77(H)