2 Phase Stepper Motor Driver - SD2202/MSD2204/MSD2206

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    • Type:Stepper Motor

    Key Features

    1. AC85~265V power input, design for high speed and high torque operation
    2. Max phase current to 2.0 amps.
    3. Bipolar bridge with constant current drive design to combine with a variety of 4, 6 or 8 wires 2 phase motors
    4. Selectable full-step (1.8°/s, 200s/r) or half-step (0.9°/s, 400s/r)
    5. Single/dual pulse input: (1P/2P)
    6. Adjustable driving current & holding current for the best motor rotating performance.
    7. Overheat alarm and shut down protection for safety.
    8. Built-in auto-current-down function, helps reduce motor temperature.
    9. Zero-timing output & current off function to combine external controller.
    10. Self-diagnostic.
    11. CPLD topology design to enhance stability Soft-up Current topology to prevent input power surge & spike.
    12. LED indicates rotating status.
    13. Photo-coupler I/P & O/P isolation prevents noise interference.
    14. Aluminum case extraction for heat emission
    15. Detachable terminal for easy connection
    16. SMD components for compact size


    • Power:Single-phase AC 85V~265V, 50/60Hz
    • Drive current:0.5A~2.0A(SD2202); 1.0A~4.0A(MSD2204); 1.5A~6.0A(MSD2206); 16Multi-step current control
    • Method:Constant current (Bioplar)
    • Resolution:Full step (1.8°/s , 200s/r), half step (0.9°/s , 400s/r)
    • Control mode:Single-pulse(1P), two-pulse(2P)
    • Auto-current-down:30~70% (16 Multi-scale current control)
    • Max pulse speed:60K Hz
    • Pulse width:5us (Min)
    • Direction response:10us (Min)
    • Input signal:+4~+10V, < 20mA
    • Input signal impedance:200Ω
    • Output signal:Open collector, 24V, 10mA (Max)
    • Noise isolation:Use of photo coupler
    • Connection method:Removable connector
    • Ambient temperature:< 85%RH
    • Dimension(LxWxH):185x107x52mm (SD2202,MSD2204)
    • Weight:1020g(SD2202), 915g(MSD2204), 1180g(MSD2206)

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